Patients and Families:

1. What should I bring with me? For a short term rehabilitation stay, you will be working on recovering so comfortable clothing such as sweat pants, comfortable tied shoes such as gym shoes, night clothes and your personal toiletries should be all that you need.
2. What will my insurance cover? Everyone’s insurance is different. The admission team is more than happy to review your specific insurance prior to admission and let you know exactly what will be covered and what your responsibility will be.
3. What Amenities will be covered during my stay? On our Restore unit for short term rehabilitation, our rooms include cable television, phone service, and in some cases a small refrigerator. All activities within the facility are also available.
4. Is a deposit required for long term care? A deposit s only required for long term care if the resident will be privately paying for the stay. If insurance, Medicare or Medicaid are paying for the stay, a deposit is not required.
5. What happens next after we choose your facility? Once the admission team becomes aware that you have chosen our facility, they will contact you or your hospital discharge planner. They will collect some medical information, verify your insurance, assure that we can provide everything that you will require and work with the hospital and/or your family to arrange the day and time of admission. They will also arrange a time for you or your family member to sign in and complete all of the necessary forms.
6. Will I have a private room? We offer private and semi-private rooms. We make every effort to make sure that requests for private rooms are honored. Unfortunately that is not always possible however, we will let you know prior to admission if a private room is available.
7. What are visiting hours? Your family may visit any time they wish, however, we suggest that visiting hours be maintained between 11am and 8pm. You will be working hard at recovering and will need your rest.
8. Do I have to stay a certain amount of time? Your physician and the interdisciplinary team at the facility will work together to determine the absolute right amount of time for you to be with us. There is no set amount of time you must stay. Each patient’s stay is determined by their unique needs.
9. What is the difference in your therapy program vs. an outpatient or in-home program? An inpatient skilled therapy program offers a more intense level of therapy, more often than an outpatient or in-home program. You will work with the same therapists to meet your unique goals in the quickest way possible.
10. When will I see my doctor? Unlike hospitals, physicians do not see patients every day in the skilled nursing facility. Prior to admission, you will be notified if your personal physician will be following you for your care. If not, you will be assigned to one of the physicians who sees patients in our facility. That physician will be responsible for your care while you are here and we will communicate your course of treatment to your personal physicians and specialists.
11. Can my loved one leave the building for lunch, shopping, church?  Typically, short term rehabilitation patients do not leave the facility with the exception of physician’s appointments. Once you are able to transfer safely in and out of a vehicle, ambulate unassisted or be out and about, you are most likely ready to go home. Skilled patients may not be out of the facility past midnight if their stay is being covered by Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance.
A long term patient is allowed to leave the facility in most cases after signing out. It is a good idea to discuss plans with the care team in order to assure that the outing is safe and that any medical needs are met.
12. Am I allowed to eat in my room instead of the dining room? All patients are allowed to eat in their room if they so choose. In our short term rehabilitation rooms we offer in room dining. We encourage our long term residents to eat in the dining room to prevent isolation and encourage. socialization.
13. Can I bring a pet? Personal pets are not permitted to stay in the facility. A well-behaved and vaccinated pet may visit the facility.
14. Do you allow smoking? We allow only supervised smoking at our facility with 6 designated scheduled times through out the day. All smoking material has to be kept in a smoking box at our nurses station once the patient admits to us. If a family member is available they can supervise the patient in the designated smoking areas.
15. Do you accept Medicaid?  We do accept Medicaid. Medicaid patients must meet current Medicaid guidelines and the facility must be able to meet the patient’s requirements.
16. Can my loved one stay long term if they can’t go home? In the event your loved one cannot go home we have 160 long term beds in our facility, with a constant change in availability. We will do an evaluation during their stay to determine if we are also an appropriate facility. If we are not able to accept we can make a recommendation for different placement.


Discharge Planners:

1. How quickly can I expect an answer on a referral? We understand that you need an answer quickly. It is our goal to get back with you within 15 minutes. At times, particularly when the care needs of the patient may be outside our normal scope, it may take a little longer to assure that we can meet the needs of the patient.
2. Do you have a cut-off time for accepting new patients? No. We accept patients 24 hours a day. The only exception to this would be in the case of a unique medication or IV that the pharmacy may not be able to provide after hours.
3. Does the patient have to have a secondary payer? We do not require that patients have a secondary payer. We will review with the patient and family what their obligations will be based on their specific payer type.
4. What documentation does your facility require for review? Typically we are able to make a medical necessity decision based on current medication records, lab results, therapy notes, nursing and physician notes and any specific treatment notes such as wound care notes. In some cases more information may be necessary.
5. Do you accept weekend referrals and admissions? Yes. We accept weekend referrals and admissions. Our main facility number can put you in touch with the person working or on call for weekends.
6. Do you offer therapy 7 days per week? All three disciplines of therapy are available 5 days per week and each weekend, some disciplines are available. Evaluations are also available on weekends.
7. Who are the physicians who follow or have privileges at your facility?  We have Sound Physicians that follow here in our building 7 days a week, with one of them being our Medical Director. Additional physicians follow other managed care insurances that Sound does not.
8. What insurances do you accept? We accept Medicare and most Medicare replacement policies. Managed insurances such as, Secure Horizons, United, Aetna and Rocky Mountain HMO. We are also happy to run a check with your insurance company. In some cases patients have the same benefit both in and out of network or we may get approval for an out of network admission.