Broomfield Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center: is committed to providing high quality, cost-effective health care in compliance with the law. Broomfield Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center can meet its commitment only through the efforts of our highly skilled health care providers and dedicated support staff. Each must earn the trust and respect of our clients and of the individuals and organizations with whom and with which we do business by conducting himself or herself with honesty and integrity and by adhering to the laws that are applicable to Broomfield Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center . The management of Broomfield Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center will dedicate such resources as are necessary to develop and implement an effective corporate compliance program designed to promote adherence to all applicable laws, including the statues, regulations and requirements applicable to Medicaid, Medicare and other federal and state health care programs.

The Code of Conduct adopted by the Company provides Principles and Standards by which employees of the Company will conduct themselves in order to protect the integrity of the Company and promote an organization-wide culture of compliance. What follows are the guiding principles from the Company’s Compliance / False Claims Act Code of Conduct Program, which represent the goals of the Company.

Principle 1 – Legal Compliance

The Company will strive to ensure all activity by or on behalf of the organization is in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations; including those addressing fraud and abuse, the environment and discrimination.

Principle 2 – Business Ethics

In furtherance of the Company’s commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, employees will accurately and honestly represent the Company; including honesty in performance of job duties and communication.

Principle 3 – Confidentiality

The Company employees shall strive to maintain the confidentiality of residents’ and other employee’s confidential information in accordance with applicable laws.

Principle 4 – Conflicts of Interest

Officers, committee members and key employees owe a duty of undivided and unqualified loyalty consistent with applicable state and federal laws to the organization. Persons holding such positions (“covered persons”) may not use their positions to profit personally or to assist others in profiting in any way at the expense of the organization.

Principle 5 – Business Relationships

Business transactions with vendors, contractors and other third parties shall be transacted in accordance with state and federal laws, free from offers or solicitation of gifts and favors or other improper inducements in exchange for influence or assistance in a transaction.

Principle 6 – Protection of Assets

All employees will strive to preserve and protect the Company’s assets by making prudent and effective use of the Company’s resources and by properly and accurately reporting its financial condition.